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MDS® Barriers is one of eNdoto’s innovative signature product lines that offers the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary barrier solution providing superior protection.  A cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete barriers, MDS® BARRIERS is a safe, movable barrier technology that can be used for many applications in place of concrete or other barriers systems.  MDS® BARRIERS technology is ideal for bridges for lane management and construction applications to create “Safe, Dynamic Highways” that offer real-time roadway reconfiguration while maintaining positive barrier protection between lanes.


Road system operators with managed lane facilities use movable barrier in areas where there is a tidal traffic flow to redistribute unused capacity from the off-peak traffic direction to give more lanes to the peak traffic direction. In construction applications, road system operators and contractors use movable barrier to expand work zones and facilitate construction stages or even entire construction seasons and to improve work zone safety for both workers and motorists.


Using the MDS® BARRIERS, installations around the world demonstrate increased safety and capacity, lighter weight ideal for bridge repairs and construction especially due to bridge high duress, and reduced system implementation time (as compared to alternative barrier system options).


In the US, portable concrete barriers have long been the foremost used barrier systems for highway and road construction projects. Concrete’s effectiveness in creating safe work zones cannot be questioned. While portable steel crash barrier has been used for decades throughout Europe, it is still relatively new to America’s highways. However, as the road construction industry evolves, so do project management and purchasing methods. Leveraging the advantages of renting specialized equipment for project completion, engineers and project managers now understand the cost of ownership of depreciating and relocating materials such as concrete barrier. When deciding which barrier to use for a project, engineers generally ask two questions. Does it meet safety standards? How much does it cost? MDS® BARRIERS offers the best solutions for both of these requirements.


eNdoto is the “go-to” source for tailored solutions ensuring traffic and pedestrian safety. Their expertise includes products and systems for roadways and bridges, transit systems, tunnels, waterways and parking lots; for education, cultural and medical facilities; for parks and recreation areas, and for residential and commercial properties, as well as vehicle and equipment lighting. eNdoto aims to satisfy the critical and growing demands for green, long-lasting safety and lighting solutions with specially focused, environmentally conscious products and systems.