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Bull Barriers
Bull Barrier is ideal for use in temporary (short and long-term) construction projects where the separation of barrier will be in close proximity of pedestrians and moving vehicles.

Bull Barriers can be used alone or in areas with pedestrian foot traffic

Bull Barrier is a cost-effective solution to improving public safety when compared to plastic barriers.

Fencing and Noise Mitigation

Designed with quick attachment posts connectors to be used with anti-climb pedestrian fencing keeping the public safe while delineating a construction or work area. Boasting innovative and practical design, its effectiveness is unrivalled.

Increase area safety from projectiles and promote noise mitigation with Ecobarrier sound absorbing panels. Lightweight and modular, panels can be use with or without Bull Barriers.

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With its patent-pending linking hinge, the Bull Barrier system is quick & easy to install and flexible, fluidly absorbing impact during a collision.

Quick to Install

With its patent-pending linking hinge, the Bull Barrier system is quick & easy to install and flexible, fluidly absorbing impact during a collision.

Light weight

Bull TL2 Barriers are lightweight weighing just over 100 lbs per section. They are the most lightweight perfor-mance barrier on the market allowing quick and easy deployment.

Flexible to fit to corners

Bull TL2 Barriers are flexible and curved meaning they can be used in a variety mum safety for work-zones, vehicle channelizing and pedestrian walkways.

Safety is our priority

When a vehicle collides with a line of Bull Barriers, the cumulative weight and stiffness of the line prevents the vehicle encroaching on the protected space behind the barrier and so ensuring the safety of any workforce in that area. Combined with the curved shape of the barrier, this stiffness creates a roll-off effect and if a collision takes place the car is steered back into the lane traffic from which it came, protecting both pedestrians in the protected zone and the occupants of the vehicle.

The design of the Bull Barrier also allows for the simultaneous use of a reinforcement bar (required to meet crash test standards) as well as pedestrian barriers making it a much safer and more versatile product. The Barriers have been strenuously tested on a variety of applications and under a series of scenarios to ensure maximum effectiveness


• Compact Easy storage
• Rugged and durable
• Galvanized and painted steel
• Secure lock hinge connection
• Fencing and corner elements
• EchoBarrier Sound panels for sound mitigation


Installing Bull TL2 barriers requires no permanent fixings due to their solid lock linking system. The curved design of the barrier’s traffic restraint system enables them to be installed around corners and in an array of configurations.


The controlled transfer of energy through the solid lock link hinge system means that the Bull TL2 Barrier modules are not irreparably damaged by a single collision. In fact they can withstand repeated impacts, returning to their original shape once a vehicle has moved away.


Fencing is available in different heights based on the construction zone protection requirements.
Anti-climb fencing is available for risk areas discouraging access.


Bull TL2 Barriers offers the first compact and transportable “All in One” modular construction zone barrier system.
EchoBarrier quick and easy attachment system allows work zone sound barriers to Progressively relocate and mitigate sound.
Use for inside and outside applications.