Control Your Work Environment Noise

H Series

World-class temporary acoustic barriers

Echo-Barrier H-Series™ acoustical barrier offers unmatched noise reduction. Developed by our team of leading acoustic experts, the H-Series reduces sound by up to 99%.

H-Series acoustic barriers are lightweight and portable. They are also certified fire-resistant to ASTM E84 standards/BS7837:1996.

H-Series acoustic panels are designed for easy transportation, quick installation, and speedy disassembly. Because they can fit easily onto existing or portable infrastructure, they can be used to cut noise pollution in almost any work environment.

Echo Barrier’s acoustic experts are here to help you choose the best H-Series noise reduction barrier products for your needs.

The Best Universal Barrier for construction

H9 Acoustic barrier

Fire and water resistant acoustic barriers

The Echo Barrier H9™ fire proof acoustic barrier system is a portable acoustic barrier that offers excellent noise reduction and absorption. Effective in the harshest environments. The Echobarrier H9 is durable, lightweight, water, fire, UV and temperature resistant. The H9™ is a versatile barrier that works for you to achieve outstanding results in an array of applications and environments.

The Best noise control on the market

Durable and lightweight

The Echobarrier H9 acoustic barrier is designed for long life on the toughest sites yet weighs under 12 pounds (5.3Kg) making for simple one-man installation.


The Echobarrier H9 temporary acoustical noise barrier is fully fire resistant to ASTM E84 and BS 7837-1996 making it ideal for use in restricted environments

Water resistant

The Echobarrier H9 acoustic barrier is fully water resistant and tested to BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6 / IPX9 allowing for use in the harshest environments.