Life rail
LifeRail Crash tests

Energy Absorption Bridge Rail


  • 60 Year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel
  • 100% electrically non-conductive
  • 100% corrosion resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy Absorbing
  • 15% Impact Force
  • Reduction
  • Better energy absorption performance over steel
  • 34.75 Lbs per Ft
  • Service Life 3x to 4x longer than steel

Life Rail is a 2-Rail bridge beam that is unidirectional, corrosion resistance, and electrically non-conductive and lasts longer than steel. Life Rail has been developed to meet and surpass specific requirements set by MASH Standards and is particularly suited for highly corrosive environments (such as bridges over water, and high salt areas) providing extended service life by eliminating periodic maintenance and replacement costs making it the preferred alternative to conventional steel railing.

Replace to replace corroding steel tubing 


Replace steel beams with Liferail

Steel beams exposed to salt water

2-Rail steel box rail for bridges


Liferail Drawing


Box truck impact

Impact Speeds
1100C Small Car 62.2 mph
2270P Pick-up 62.2 truck mph
10000S Single box truck 56 mph

Over and above MASH test requirements 
1100C Small Car 75 mph
2270P Pick-up 75 truck mph

RAL Color choices

Available in any color
LifeRail is available in all standard RAL colors. Mass tinted means that even if the rail is damaged or scraped it will always maintain the same color throughout its life span.


  • MASH TL4 crash test approved
  • 100% electrically non-conductive
  • 100% corrosion resistant
  • Mass Tinted
  • Manufactured in any color
  • Does not spark when impacted by steel
  • Exceeds the lifespan of galvanized steel
  • UV stable
  • 316L Stainless Steel or galvanized steel posts
  • Better energy absorption performance over steel
  • 34.75 Lbs per foot
  • UV Resistance …Tested per ASTM G154
  • Higher return on investment than steel Maintenance
  • 60 Year Warranty

Life Rail bridge rails offer improved strength, in addition to other added benefits that steel just can’t compete with. As an example, even though FRP bridge rail is rigid, it is a more flexible material than steel. This flexibility contributes to higher impact resistance compared to traditional steel rail systems.

Vehicle impacts might bend, damage or dent steel, verses an impact of similar strength on Life Rail which will absorb, bend and flex; thus reducing vehicle impact forces, which ultimately reduces the severity index ratio of vehicles and occupants.

Best of all, Life Rail can be produced in any color, eliminating expensive powder coatings, duplex coatings, galvanizing and paint; resulting in a true maintenance corrosion free bridge rail system that carriers a 60-year warranty.

Mounting Options & Examples

estment than steel Maintenance 60 Year Warranty
estment than steel Maintenance 60 Year Warranty

Concrete Plinth

24" Concrete Plinth

Wood Plinth

Steel Plinth