Pedestrian Restraint Systems

Pedestrian Bridge Rails

Clear Vision Pedestrian Guardrails
Pedestrian Guardrails – are used to prevent pedestrians walking into the road that are generally situated at potentially hazardous locations, such as Pedestrian Crossings, Schools, Metro and Train access areas and Shopping areas etc. Systems are of modular design and come in standard panel lengths.

Designed to maximize visibility between pedestrians and vehicles. The Clear Vision Design allows even small children to view oncoming vehicles and gives drivers clearer sight of curbside pedestrians

Modular Design
Available in Aluminum and Steel
Other sizes can be manufactured to suit bespoke design specifications

  • Attachment
    Posts can be surface mounted via the attached Baseplate and fixed into pre-cast anchorages or drilled fixings or set in concrete in pre-dugholes. Where ground fixing is required each post is coated with Bitumastic paint to protect the aluminum from the surrounding bedding compound. A tighter radius can be made by simply reducing the panel length prior to installation. Because of the slotted holes in the castings it is possible to angle the junction between the rails of the panel and the post by as much as 7.5 degrees either side thus giving a 15 degree change of direction.
  • Adjustable panels
    Adjustable both vertically and horizontally by means of the post to rail connection. These standard fittings provide your gradient solutions up to 1 in 5 or 11 degrees. The product will accommodate curves by stepping around a minimum radius of 25 ft (7.7 meters).

    Whole Life Cost
    The aluminum construction gives distinct advantages when compared to steel alternatives. The aluminum is maintenance free and does not require paint or coatings.

    The systems modular construction aides straight forward replacement, reducing repair time and cost.

Engineered Aesthetics
For something different look no further. Here we have several pedestrian parapets that have all the attributes of a standard system but with the incorporation of Lighting in
the top rail. The outer section is illuminated red and white while the inner illumination is white to light up the pedestrian route. The all aluminum system has horizontal rails that resembled the shape of an airplane wing. The single aluminum extrusion fitted transitioned to the vertical posts providing a perfect finish to an awe inspiring bridge. Featuring twin posts and air plane wing profile rails produced from a single extrusion..

Vision Series

Vision Series – Areo Wing type
If you are looking for something different then we can help. The picture above shows a unique pedestrian parapet design that features twin posts and air plane wing profile rails produced from a single extrusion reducing component parts while enhancing its modern appearance.

Vision Series – Upper Bow
A special tubular design for pedestrians
provides a high level of protection in terms
of height and bar design. The steel system is
coated with enhanced galvanizing to increase
its corrosion protection for geographical areas
subjected to high corrosion levels.
Standard panel size 8ft x 13 ft long (2.4m x 4m).

Vision Series – Suspending bow
The sophisticated design of the suspending bow
parapet brings design features to a whole new level.
The concave bow flare design provides an sense of
volume and space creating a stunning view from evey
angle. Accent pedestrian bridge decks with exceptional
elegant with the curvature of a bridge.

Engineered Aesthetics
Concept – Design – Delivery
If you have an idea we can make it a reality.
Our engineering staff is here to assist you with your concept and build a solution according to the bridge design specifications.

Pedestrian Parapets
Pedestrian barriers are provided to separate people from vehicular traffic. It must be taken into account that they are not a road restraint system; i.e. they are not designed to resist the penetration of an errant vehicle. The systems differ from standard guardrails in so much as it is designed for applications
where there is a likelihood of a fall from height. Typical applications for a pedestrian parapet include Footbridges, Stairways, Ramps for pedestrians including cyclist and Equestrian traffic. All systems have been manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2000 to ensure there integrity.